Higson Hack: Tips and Requirements for Getting A Passport For Your Newborn in DFA Aseana via Courtesy Lane

When I was pregnant with Luca, the pregnant women express lane made is soooo easy and hassle-free for me to update my IDs to my marital name which you can read about here.

During that time, I surprisingly received countless feedback saying the best time to update my passport is after Luca is born because I will hit 2 birds with 1 stone: a new passport for Luca and an updated one for me with my married name (even if my existing one was far from expiring.)

Alas – they are correct! Basically I “rode on” Luca’s DFA Courtesy Lane appointment as a minor. Today, Luca and I applied for our passports today and I’ll be sharing my experience hoping it will be helpful for first-time moms like me! Here are my tips and Requirements for getting a passport for your newborn in DFA Aseana via Courtesy Lane

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Pregnancy and PCOS: My Trusty Skincare Routine!

Have you ever met someone who says they usually never get pimples? Yep, that was NEVER my case. Growing up, as shallow as it may sound, but I will always remember how horrible my acne was. As in BIG. RED. CYSTIC. ACNE. Everywhere – from my forehead to my cheeks. Ever since, I’ve been sooo careful what I put on my face – especially during my pregnancy. I hope this article helps those who are going through a similar situation!

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Adulting With Mrs. H: Changing your IDs and Bank Accounts To Your Married Name

First, I need to start this post to let you know that you are absolutely not required or obliged to change your last name when you get married. You can totally keep your maiden name, I have a lot of friends who never changed and its normal. So why am I doing it? And most importantly – WHERE do I even begin!? Read away!

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Boracay Better Than Ever: Travel Requirements and Our Boracay 2020 Experience

I love Boracay – it’s definitely one of the world’s most beautiful beaches but personally, I initially didn’t want to go – my husband had to convince me. Why? For some reason, I’ve always had a notion it was crowded and thinking of my last trip in 2009 (YES – it’s been that long!) – I remember the shores being so busy and webbed by green algae, thus I wasn’t overly excited when my husband brought up the Boracay 2020 idea.

Here is my experience returning to Boracay, almost 11 years later and of course, details on going through Boracay’s travel requirements. Was this trip a yay or a nay?

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My First Italian Hilltown Experience: Hello Cortona!

When in Italy, people usually have these more popular places in mind such as Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence and of course – Tuscany. All these places sound lovely and a must-visit so this blogpost is about my first ever experience in the Italian countryside – a visit to a quaint and charming hilltown in Cortona, Tuscany. Best to be read with a wine glass in hand!

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