3 Easy Summer Hair Care Tips For The Travel Junkie

I found it funny when my best friend told me that she often gets asked “Is Yuki in town?” They know me well that I always love exploring and discovering new places because traveling makes me so happy – I’m the junkie itching to go on an adventure to discover new things.

What frustrates me most (if not most, one of the top tier reasons), is the effect on my hair from the unpredictable weather. It super annoys me whenever my hair gets exposed to damage and harsh weather conditions so I am always on the lookout for products the work and tame my tresses.

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol

I noticed the heat in Manila has been getting more intense (and I just came from a beach trip from Australia which was super hot also) but I’m so happy I discovered ways to not let the intense heat bother me. The summer heat and topped of with humidity and pollution, seasonal elements can take their toll especially on your scalp—causing things such as sweat, itch, and dandruff. Here are 3 simple things I do to keep my head above the water ;)

Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh

1. The easiest remedy when your hair is exposed to intense heat is of course – wear a hat! I always make sure to pack a wide brim hat or a sporty baseball cap whenever I hit the beach. It also serves as a nice accessory for that beach #OOTD!

Big floppy hat from Soakswimwear

My favorite!

2. Condition your hair before tying it into a bun. If you’re the type who puts up their hair before hitting the pool or beach, it doesn’t hurt to slab some conditioner on your hair first so it doesn’t tangle when you remove your hair tie.

Keep a cool head!

3. Shampoo refreshingly! Even in my earlier years, I’ve always loved the menthol variant of Head & Shoulders because the sensation it gives to the scalp is super refreshing. The heat and high humidity we’re exposed to can aggravate dandruff so we really need to do all measures to protect our scalp. Aside from giving off that cooling feeling, H&S treats dandruff symptoms (the itchy feeling) but tackling it from the root cause and killing the microorganisms that cause it.


I’m so excited to share with you that they have actually released a new variant that gives the same cooling feeling: Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh!

Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh

It combines refreshing lemon blasts with a novel product technology that enables thorough and lasting cleaning H&S is known for. It works together with its dual zinc action formula and new pro clean technology to deliver a fresh and clean feeling that lasts. I’ve tried it and it’s awesome!

Head & Shoulders

So these are my top 3 tips to stay fresh and cool all summer long! If you’re sensitive to itch like me, you can totally relate that even the smallest things like sweating can be an irritating experience as your sensors are heightened. So don’t let the head pull you down. Keep a cool head and your hair feeling cooler!


Style Cat

(Photos by Nicole Ty)