5 Road Trip-Friendly Bachelorette Venues in the Philippines (From Metro Manila)

Bachelorette Party Venue Ideas in Manila (No plane tickets needed!)

A lot of soon-to-wed couples seem to be keen on intimate destination weddings and funny enough – even the bachelor and bachelorette parties are going towards that trend too. I’m seeing a lot of Hong Kong, Bali and even Siargao bachelorette parties but what if your entire barkada is set to have one in a year or two? You’ll go to every trip? Frankly, we can’t always look the other way and swipe that card in order to join our friends (as much as we’d love to!!) so I pooled up my top 5 bachelorette party ideas (mine – included) in Manila. No flights needed – just your crazy girlfriends and a fun road trip adventure! My criteria for these top 5 spots – how comfy you can get with your girlfriends (and not be afraid of making any noise), affordability, Instagram factor (lol!) and road trip – friendly.

Option 1: Within Metro Manila

Let’s face it – no everyone can be gone for so long or an entire weekend so you really have to plan your bachelorette in Metro Manila. There are the usual suspects such as afternoon high tea or a nice massage session in Footzone Jupiter (I actually want this haha) but if time and budget permits, I suggest an overnight staycation or a Fri-Sun weekend getaway.

  1. Marriott Hotel in Pasay (the West Wing)

Why Marriott

I love the expansion wing of Marriott Hotel (the West Wing) because it feels more private than the main one – plus it has its own private pool of the top floor. A hotel (any hotel) staycation is perfect if you want an intimate bonding with your closest girlfriends and like old times sake – do a sleepover in your jammies.

Option 2: Estimated travel time of 1-2 hours from Metro Manila

If you have a bit of time to spare and the budget, I suggest this winner location in Tagaytay. You can rent out the entire villa all for you and your friends – like a weekend house for a rate of around Php40,000 (as of writing, price is subject to change). Even 1 night is great! Villa Nonita has 6 queen-sized bedrooms with an en suite bathroom that can fit up to 16 people. That comes out only around Php2,500 per head (i-libre niyo na si bride ha!) at this pristine location.

The interiors of the place just makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Greece or a pretty Spanish home. Plus – you have the whole place to yourselves! Bring meat for a good BBQ on the rooftop, wine and take turns to cook.

2. Villa Nonita, Tagaytay

Nice long table for breakfast

Charming rustic interiors

Villa Nonita Tagaytay

Wake up to the view of taal lake – it’s quite breathtaking. Imagine booking this whole place for you and your girlfriends? It’ll be so much fun! There is no corkage or anything should you decide to bring your own food and alcohol. For bookings and inquiries, you may message the official Villa Nonita Facebook page.

Yuki in Villa Nonita

Option 3: Estimated travel time of 3 hours from Metro Manila

So you and your girlfriends have a bit of time to spare and not so keen on Tagaytay – may I suggest this hidden gem in Batangas? It has lovely villas on stilts ala Maldives kuno and I remember seeing a jumbo villa that can fit 10 ladies. I like this place because the food is good, the villas are air-conditioned, the beach is nice plus there is a range of activities for you ladies to do!

3. Stilts Calatagan, Batangas

Sunset in Calatagan, Batangas


Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

No need to fly to Siargao but a beach bachelorette get-away – just drive up to Batangas! The sand is really nice and fine, too.

Ssshhh! We love you Za! Hehe

Perfect getaway for the girls!

Option 4: Estimated travel time of 5 -7 hours from Metro Manila

Also a nice villa that reminds me of Villa Nonita is somewhere located in Bolinao, Pangasinan – check out Sundowners. What I like about Sundowners is they have different villas to choose from – depending on your head count. We got the biggest one – the Master Villa but each one is designed so well. Check out my post here for my experience staying in the Master Villa of Sundowners. You can also bring your own food, drinks and cook away!

4. Sundowners Vacation Villas, Pangasinan

Option 5: (Where I had mine!) Estimated travel time of 6-7 hours from Metro Manila

Now, if you planned way ahead and everyone agreed to pin a date to be gone for that weekend – *insert* where I had my own bachelorette!

(K A G U L O !) We did a fun road trip to La Union (which is quite a long drive but we took turns) and my friend Iris made arrangements to stay in a villa in San Juan Treasure. I personally enjoyed it so much because we had the joy of being in front of the beach, the privacy of the place, our own pool and we could bring our own food & snacks too.

5. San Juan Treasure, La Union

in matching swimwear by Style Cat

My best friend Nicole flew in from Canada (so it was planned months in advance), I had my closest girlfriends from my blogging circle, the bffs from high school and the college barkada. We got a villa that fit 8 of us comfortably with 2 bathrooms and a private pool. Breakfast was provided too!

Recipe for happiness: The beach and a Britney Spears Playlist

Bachelorette Surprise! *kilig* hehe

I thought it was just a chill afternoon, grabbing cookie skillets in El Union but little did I know that Rhea and the other girls were stalling me for a surprise!!! As soon as we drove back to our villa, I was led to the mini event / patio area in San Juan treasure and I was deeply touched to see a pretty decorated area in pink and gold – all orchestrated by these sneaky girls. The following events that took place after are not blog-friendly so I will end it here. LOL!

Love, love all of you! (Photo by Miguel Sotto)

I’d like to thank all of these girls (plus, our honorary bachelorette guest Miguel Sotto who took these awesome photos) for making that weekend so memorable. This is not a send-off as I am sure we will all gather by the beach again, play our favorite 90’s hits and just our magulo usual selves. Love you all – Kim, Iris, Nica, Nesi, Rhea, Tracy, Mon, Reg and Jaz!

Road trip tip:

Heading to La Union was actually my first “long drive” as I usually just do city drives but before our trip, I made sure to be geared up just in case and a way to be prepared if ever anything happens is having a reliable dash cam! That was one of my priorities when I got our car – was to get it a good dash cam. I went to Camera Haus on the top level of Central Square in BGC and I picked up the Transcend DrivePro 520.

In my car: Transcend DrivePro 520 dashcam

You can actually install this on your own but when I got it in Camera Haus, they were kind enough to assist me and gave me a stub to have someone install it for me in Banawe – to hide the wiring inside the car. I love this one because it has a front and rear camera. The front camera records and takes photos at 1080P (which is pretty clear!) and the read one at 720P. The display screen is around 2”4 in size so its not bothering at all. When you get it, it already comes with a memory card (so mine has 32GB memory) and can store up to 128 GB but what I love most is its actually Wi-Fi enabled and connects straight to the “Transcend DrivePro” app so you can transfer photos and videos in real time.

A closer look: Transcend DrivePro 520

I’m super happy with my dash cam and I feel safer when I drive around. :)

For more information, you can head over to Transcend’s official website at www.transcend-info.com and Like their official Facebook page

Screenshots from my Transcend DP 520

Sharing these actual screenshots from my last drive (which was last Saturday) – and the resolution is so nice! I definitely feel more at ease when on the road. So, for all the soon-to-be brides here, I hope you enjoyed this postand have a fabulous bachelorette! Have a safe road trip and a crazy bachelorette! :)


Mrs H.