My Full Coverage Simple Make-Up Tutorial

My simple make-up routine

For someone who has been acne-prone her whole life, I’ve been super extra careful with the skincare and beauty products I use on my skin. My skintype is a combination of an oily t-zone and semi-dry cheek area so finding the right products can be kind of tricky. In this post, I’m sharing with you the usual products I used + new ones I discovered. Enjoy!

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Daily Make-Up Routine + Pop Beauty GIVEAWAY

I can never hear this enough from my make-up artist friends – the best foundation for any make-up look is clean skin and a good base/primer. I’m sharing with you my 3-step routine for a *hopefully* perfect complexion and I’m so excited to be share with you guys that I’ll be hosting my FIRST giveaway on this new redesigned blog.

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Pretty To Look At, Hard to Catch

Create Your Butterfly Look with L’Oreal Paris I’ve always been fascinated by butterflies. The vivid colors on their wings, their grace when flapping from one plant to another. Just like butterflies, we all find ways to transform ourselves – we just need to figure out how to step out of […]