Closet Downsizing Tips for a Lean 2016

What.. It’s almost March?

The first quarter of the year means wanting to get rid of the old and make a whole lot of room for the new and exciting. This year, we don’t only want to suggest which items in your closet to get rid of and what to keep. We’ve laid out a handful of tips to make sure you don’t fall into the same fashion faux pas patterns and habits in 2016, and for the next years to come – for good!

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Denim DIY 101: Rip and Repair (in less than 20 minutes!)

We all want one: a pair of rugged, ripped ala-boyfriend jeans that has a comfortable fit. Let me show you how to achieve that vintage-y worn out look with a NEW pair of jeans: a tutorial from materials to the (very quick!) process.  Rip away!

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Wardrobe Hack: Turn 1 Piece To (At Least) 6 Styles – In A Snap!

Convertible Clothing by YAY Imagine you’re on a beach trip. You pack this one piece that you can convert into a cover-up, a top, or an accessory – how hassle free, right? That’s how I felt when I discovered YAY. It’s a good option to travel in and a must-have […]


OUTFIT | A Peek Into Kuwit’s Handmade Book Bags

Librarian chic Hold on – you definitely wouldn’t want to flip the page on this one. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to upcycling – local brand “Kuwit” proves me otherwise. Behold, the “Nobela” clutch bag! Ruby, zero visibility We can all celebrate in relief […]


OUTFIT | From Button-down Shirt to DIY Skirt

Lazy Dressing 100 It all started yesterday when my sundo was already outside but I still couldn’t figure out what to wear. I guess it’s safe to say that time pressure breeds creativity and resourcefulness – I instantly came up with an outfit! Yuki Tansengco Got a lot of button down […]