Love Local: AirAsia Launches Exciting New Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lines!

En route to Bohol with AirAsia!

Whenever I travel, two things excite me: What food they’ll be serving (or to eat my pre-ordered meal!) and the entire in-flight experience. Known as Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, AirAsia never fails to surprise people and give people more than what they paid for with the quality of service they provide. Fly to Bohol with me as we discover it’s newest In-Flight Menu and catalogue!

All aboard AirAsia Z2 354 | Using the “Kahon” Bag from AirAsia’s Newly Launched In-flight catalogue

I absolutely love it when big corporations make efforts to engage their customers to go green and take part in their advocacy – so this is why I was all smiles when I saw AirAsia’s newly launched catalogue. This bag is 100% locally made with abaca and it’s just one of the great pieces you can buy while on your flight.

AirAsia Offers Affordable Flights From Manila to Tagbilaran

Known for its chocolate hills and Panglao Islands, Bohol is a lovely destination to go to. Starting at Php1,990, AirAsia offers these affordable flights to Tagbilaran and it’s pretty quick – just a little bit over an hour.

Hello, Amorita Resort! | Top: Florence Fling Bag: AirAsia

From the airport, we took a short car ride to AirAsia’s official partner resort: Amorita! Upon arriving, we were greeted with refreshing welcome drinks and escorted to our villas which I will share about on my next post.

Amorita means “Little Darling”

We flew in with some members of the media and co-bloggers to attend the exclusive launch held by the Saffron Restaurant of Amorita Resort Bohol. We were told to prepare our appetites to taste the new hot meals so I was so excited!

AirAsia did the launch in partnership with Amorita Resort

Newest in-flight merchandise highlight eco-friendly products

The event was graced by AirAsia Philippines CEO Capt. Dexter Comendador, Head of Ancillary Karlo Sanchez, and COO of Amorita Resort Lyba Godio – escorted by the AirAsia Cabin Crew.  Capt. Comendador mentioned how food is a great unifying factor across the world and I agree with him! They will be creating a unique food experience for AirAsia guests to enjoy and it will be a treat because Filipino travellers can now try Kare-Kare, Beef Tapa and Bicol Express! Yum!

Flight Trivia: Your tastebuds tend to get suppressed while flying so the AirAsia team tasted the meals while ON a flight to make it as delicious as possible!

Take a look at all these super cute AirAsia merchandise!

New hot meals featuring Filipino all-time favorites and the best of Asean flavours

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – trying out the meals! We truly enjoyed the Chicken Kare-Kare but I personally LOVED the Chicken Bicol Express! It was so flavorful, tasty and of course – spicy! I highly suggest ordering the Bicol Express on your upcoming flight. So good!

Beef Tapa with Scrambled Egg – Php150 Ala Carte 

We all agreed that the beef tapa was so tasty heightened by the fragrant notes of garlic. Some of the things to watch out for on the newest Santan menu are Beef Tapa with scrambled egg, Chicken Bicol Express and Chicken Kare-Kare. We also had some Halo-Halo pudding dessert and it was good too! These items are now available for pre-booking online and on board all AirAsia Philippines flights starting this month for low as P60.00 for desserts and P150 for a la carte hot meals. What a great deal!

Asian Tuna Sandwich | Save up to 20% by pre-booking your meals on

In addition to hot meals, AirAsia offers light snacks like the Asian Tuna Sandwich and Creamy Spinash & Cheese Sandwich for Php140.

Flight Trivia: To get up to 20% discount, I highly recommend you pre-book your meals online when you book your flight via If you booked your flight without it, simply head over to the ‘Manage My Booking’ option after logging in – you’ll save more compared to purchasing your meal on board.

Ditch the plastic – it’s fantastic!

You’ll be happy to hear that AirAsia’s newest catalogue includes a collection of environment-friendly merchandise for eco-warriors like me! I am highly against one-use plastics so you can finally ditch the plastic straws and pick-up a reusable metal straw for Php180. Ditch disposable plastic toothbrushes and get this pretty bamboo toothbrush at Php250 per pair! Something I have always wanted to try are organic shampoo bars – you can get this 2-in-1 organic shampoo and bath bar on board for only Php150 locally produced by our farmers in Zamboanga. Lastly, ditch the plastic bags while looking stylish at the same time with the Kahon Abaca Macrame Bag for only Php999 – a special project Style Cat worked on in partnership with AirAsia.

Sustainable items for grabs in AirAsia’s newest in-flight catalogue

Metal Straw with a handwoven banig pouch & brush cleaner – Php180

2-in-1 Organic Shampoo and Bath Bar activated with charcoal and handmade by farmers from Zamboanga – Php150

Bamboo Toothbrush made from 100% natural bamboo – Php250 / pair

Kahon Abaca Macrame Bag with a zipper enclosure, lining and leatherette straps – Php999

Love the affordable price points and I’m so glad AirAsia is advocating these little steps to reduce carbon footprint!

Kahon Macrame Bag produced in partnership with Style Cat

It’s easy to take this bag from the beach to the city because it’s accented with leatherette straps. It’s super durable too because I personally tested it with the things I usually bring such as my laptop and camera. Get it on your next AirAsia flight!

Get this bag on your next AirAsia flight!

We truly enjoyed discovering AirAsia’s newest offerings! Make sure you go for it on your next trip – just a few clicks away! ;)

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Til our next adventure!