My Travel Tips for 48 Hours in Venice

Higson Honeymoon

It was a great exchange – I planned 90% of our wedding so in return, my husband Nick took lead in planning 90% of our honeymoon and here’s one of my favorite places – Venice! This city is quite charming so I highly recommend you pay Venice a visit. If and when you do, here are some #YuNick travel tips we hope helps your trip!

  1. How did we get to Venice?

We parked our car in Best Western Mestre (the Metropolitan city of Venice) which was 100 meters from the station (good research by the hubby) and hopped on a train. Why? Because we didn’t want to risk having a hard time finding parking in Venice. YES – there is a massive central parking area in Venice but this option was more convenient for us (and it was a risk as Nick read about frequent queues). So we hopped on a train and got a ticket to “Venezia Santa Lucia”. Once your train arrives in Venice, you can optionally walk to San Marco square and explore, which sounds great, but this only works provided you do not have heavy luggage.

So upon our arrival in the Venice train station, we took the Vaporetto (a public water bus) Number 1 or 2 to San Marco and the ticket price was €7,50. Hopping on a public water bus as soon as you get there was such a nice way to see the city, too!

2. On choosing your accomodation: Find somewhere near St. Mark’s Square!

We stayed in a loft (around Php4,800 per night – not bad ha!) just literally 1-minute away from St. Mark’s Square (the center), set amongst one of the numerous cute narrow laneways providing quick access to shopping and cafes. It has WiFi, an elevator for luggage and air conditioning too. You can click here for the AirBnB link to the loft we stayed in. If you haven’t tried AirBnB, sign up with my Airbnb with your link here and instantly get ₱1,600 off your first booking. 

3. When planning your trip, choose to stay in Venice overnight. (at least!)

As it is one of the most spectacular cities in the world, during the day you can expect Venice to be very busy. Sometimes, cruise ships unload tourists for the day and there is a high number of day time visitors. It’s nice to spend one night in Venice as you experience two things: 1. The serene mornings, grabbing a cup of tea and just enjoying the piazza. and 2. the calm evenings. Once all the day trippers have gone, you can have a relaxed experience and bask in the beauty of Venice.

Also, if you want to enter St. Mark’s Basilica, you have to queue up early. And I mean VERY early – as in one hour before opening early.

4. To get back to the train station, we took a public water bus that took us along a slow, scenic route.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this. It’s almost like a bittersweet goodbye because the public water bus took so many stops before we arrived in the train station – so make sure you allocate time for this. Some people say never go around June and July as it’s the peak season. We went to Venice in June 2019 and as expected, it was crowded (and the weather was super hot) but taking the public transportation wasn’t a problem.

5. What gadget/s did we use?

For my Venice vlog, we filmed most of the footage with a GoPro 7. I super love the image quality, clarity and stability of the new GoPro! For my OOTD videos, Nick took them using a Sony A7rii (Thank you Nicholas!) Surprisingly, I found myself overusing and abusing Nick’s Samsung phone camera. The resolution and wide angle is amazing!

There you have it – I wish you the best in your Europe planning! For more info, you might want to check out my vlog.



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