When in Pangasinan: Staycation in Sundowners Vacation Villas

Sundowners Vacation Villas

There are times we get too tired of the hustle and bustle in the city that we look for a place to get away – but (ideally) not too far. We search for a getaway that will not involve a plane ticket – and can bring the whole gang. Well, you’re in luck because somewhere in Bolinao, Pangasinan is this gorgeous Santorini-inspired villa that’s overlooking the harbour. Sending over post cards from Sundowners!

Beautiful master villa | Sundowners Vacation Villas

Infinity pool

Rhea Bue

Top from SM Youth (Borrowed from Mike Miguel) | Bag from Style Cat

Sundowners Main pool | The Marina Wing

the Pool in the Master Villa

Tapestry set from Oh Happy Soul (@ohhappysoul) on Instagram

Costa Rica basket bag from Style Cat

Top from SM Youth | Bag from Style Cat

For our blogger friend Mike Miguel’s birthday, we decided to spend the weekend in Sundowners. It was around a 5 hour drive from Metro Manila (Thank you Jaffy for driving!). Once we arrived, we were greeted by these lovely interiors in the Master Villa of Sundowners. The Master Villa is the most premium villa in Sundowners that includes 6 bedrooms, 3 balconies, a roof deck and a lovely private infinity pool.

Large balconies | Jaffy Gotauco

If we had time, we’d surely end up cooking on our meals because our villa had a kitchen – good thing Mike got to cook a hefty serving of pasta. You can also eat out in their Mediterranean inspired restaurant. We truly enjoyed our stay – thank you Mike Miguel and the Sundowners team for having us! :)

How to book in Sundowners

Choose a Villa

Choose an available date

Plug in your details & Agree on our villa rules

Receive your reference number and booking details

Check your email for payment instructions and send deposit slip

Connect with Sundowners

Sundowners Vacation Villas is located in Luciente 1, Bolinao Pangasinan.

For booking or inquiries, you may message and follow their official account via @sundownersvacationvillas or head over to their official website www.sundowners.ph :)

Cheers to the days that feel like Saturdays!



(Photos from Jaffy Gotauco, Mike Miguel and Yuki Tansengco)